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BIMCO eB/L & Paperless Trade Webinar

electronic bills of lading
Paperless Trade




Prompted by its recent Electronic Bill of Lading clause for Charter Parties, BIMCO will be holding a Webinar on eB/Ls and paperless trade solutions on Tuesday 30 September 2014. The Webinar will focus on the functions of the new Charter Party provision, in addition to providing explanations on the basis and scope of P&I Club cover for approved paperless trade solutions, as well as valuable information on the practical aspects of using electronic bills of lading. Day-to-day use of CargoDocs™, one of only two solutions currently approved for use, will be covered by essDOCS COO & General Counsel, Marina Comninos, who will be joined by an esteemed panel of guests including BIMCO Consultant, Donald Chard, and Chairman of the IG P&I Clubs’ Bill of Lading Sub-Committee, Alan Mackinnon, in a Webinar hosted by Grant Hunter, BIMCO Chief Officer Legal & Contractual Affairs. Participants will also be given the opportunity to comment or raise any issues in a Q&A session following the presentations.

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