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Agri Market expands eDocs use to 3rd Party Buyers

CargoDocs™ for Bulker
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Jamaica Broilers
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We’re happy to confirm the first ever use of CargoDocs™ for Bulker in a shipment involving a third party buyer. The successful trade was completed between exporters Cargill Americas Inc. and buyers Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd., involving bulk cargo consisting of Soybean Meal, Yellow Corn and Golden Distillers Dry Grain, transported from Westwego, Louisiana to Port Esquivel, Jamaica. The transaction marks the first use of CargoDocs™ for Bulker for buyers Jamaica Broilers Group, as well as Cargill’s first shipment towards a thrid party buyer using CargoDocs™. This represents a significant expansion in the use of CargoDocs™ for Cargill, since like most traders, the vast majority of transactions are with third parties, acting as further evidence of the gradual yet growing recognition of eDocs within the industry. In addition, as part of the eDoc process, the trade was successfully executed using our CargoDocs™ Collaborative Drafting tool, which improved visibility and substantially reduced time spent approving documents according to all parties involved.

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