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TridentGLOBAL (TG) Export Manager provides Australian and U.S. exporters with a comprehensive solution to the challenges encountered managing complex global trade processes and requirements.

TG is a modular solution – tailored to meet all key requirements of Australian and U.S. exporters and logistics professionals – spanning core functions of global trade management including documentation management, compliance management, shipment & supply chain management + more.


​​​​​TridentGLOBAL Pty Ltd. was launched by Australian former exporters in 1992, borne out of their frustration dealing with repetitive, error-prone, costly and time-consuming processes around generating / managing export documentation. Through close working relationships with the export community, TG transformed the initial documentation system into a fully-integrated export management system – aimed at helping companies automate, integrate and streamline key aspects of global trade operations.

essDOCS acquired TridentGLOBAL Pty Ltd. in 2017, expanding its footprint in the export management solution space.


TG Export Manager Modules

TG Export Manager consists of 5 core modules outlined below, which when combined, provide Australian and U.S. exporters with an end-to-end solution to manage global trade processes and requirements.

TG Module Diagram

Document Manager Module

  • Document Template Library – covering all key required export documents plus 200+ vertical market-specific document types
  • Product Database – for storing and re-using detailed product information including product code, invoice description, packing list description, weight, volume etc.
  • Archive & Filing – of all key docs and shipments, including filing ability to store a bill of lading against each TG consignment, whether in electronic format or scanned paper, and associate any electronic file with a TG consignment 
  • Letter of credit management
  • Advanced search

Compliance Manager Module 

  • Built-in Compliance Rules & Regulatory Controls – updated to remain current to international Customs, FTAs and Quarantine requirements
  • Integration with Compliance Bodies & Permit-Issuing Authorities, including:
    • Australian Customs – enabling exporters and agents to communicate with the Australian Customs Service (ACS) via its Integrated Cargo System (ICS) for (i) the creation of export declarations and the receipt of valid Export Declaration Numbers (EDNs); and (ii) declaration of consolidated goods to ACS, allowing for the declaration of sub-manifests to obtain Consolidation Reference Numbers (CRNs)
    • Australian Department of Agriculture – enabling electronic submission of the Request for Permit (RFP) and the delivery of health certificates via the EXDOC system for verticals including Meat, Dairy, Fish, Grain, Horticulture, Wool, Honey, Skins Hides + more
    • Wine Australia – integrated with the current Wine Export Approval (WEA) System, enabling Australian wine exporters to automate compliance by sending data electronically to Wine Australia
    • U.S. Customs – enabling exporters to directly file via U.S. Customs Automated Export (AES) System to digitally submit Electronic Export Information (EEI) data
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – enabling exporters to directly submit data required for USDA-issued permits 
    • Chambers of Commerce – using essCert’s eCert Direct capabilities for integrated electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) applications to U.S. and Australian Chambers of Commerce, and receiving back signed / stamped eCOs from your Chamber

Shipment Manager Module 

  • Booking facilities – record and capture all relevant booking data in TG
  • Event tracking & management – track and manage key events in TG, either as defined out-of-the-box or basis your custom requirements
  • Shipment alerts – TG can be configured so that your team receives automated alerts, prompts, exception notifications, approval requests plus various other triggers/reminders required to ensure your company does not miss a shipping deadline
  • Integrated transport management, enabling you to directly submit: 
    • Pre Receival Advice (PRA) via Australian Terminal operator 1-Stop – the PRA list displays all the containers belonging to each consignment, which in turn is linked to a vessel. TG’s allows for PRAs to be processed either individually or in bulk, by shipment rather than by consignment, and directly lodged with 1-stop
    • eShipping/Forwarding instruction (eSI/eFI) via INTTRA – SI/FI can be transmitted directly to shipping lines via INTTRA. Once the line generates the draft bill of lading, it can be received by the exporter as a PDF in TG, and saved under the relevant consignment (any corrections to the B/L can be made electronically by resubmitting the eFI; where there are existing arrangements with the line, the original B/L can be printed onto shipping line stationary in the exporter’s office)

Operations Manager Module

  • Automated workflow management, including:
    • Built-in Business Rules
    • Built-in Business Intelligence
    • Built-in Best Practice    
  • Customizable event tracking & management, plus alerts (as and when combined with the Shipping Manager module above)
  • Reporting tools and data export capabilities

Integrations Module

  • Exporters can integrate directly with systems such as ERP, Order Entry, Warehouse and Invoicing, allowing data to flow directly into TG and export documents such as the Commercial Invoice, Packing List, through to Shipment Management or EDNs and PRA interfaces
  • Key interfaces to third party systems include: various SAP systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, JD Edwards, QAD, MYOB various Oracle systems

Industries + Verticals

TG Export Manager is used by Australian and U.S. companies to manage processes and requirements across the following industries and vertical markets

  • Agribusiness
  • Packaged Food
  • Electronics
  • Mining
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Manufacturing
  • Horticultural
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Seafood
  • Chemicals
  • Dairy
  • Automotive Parts
  • Food & Beverage
  • Forestry Products
  • Textiles
  • Meat & By-Products

Key Customers



  • Centralize all shipment data – by capturing, managing, and reporting on all essential shipment-related information, increasing efficiencies and enhancing visibility
  • Create an effective workforce – by providing your team with a solution that unifies key export-related documents & processes in one system
  • Utilize dynamic business intelligence for decision making – via tighter control, management and reporting of key data related to shipments
  • Reduce costs –  with enhanced information exchange and data transfer, speeding up your global trade operations
  • Reduce risk – With enhanced data flow-through, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies
  • Master compliance requirements – across Customs Authorities, Government Health Authorities + more


Services provided by our Team as part of adopting TG Export Manager include:

  • Standard scoping & workflow change-management analysis 
  • Remote Training – up to 8 hrs (1-day equivalent)
  • Assisted testing & setup
  • Ongoing support


Email & Web