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essDOCS Importer Solutions

essDOCS enables importers of any cargo to entirely or partially digitize trade operations & finance processes

Importers use our CargoDocs DocHub solution to collaboratively review and approve paper or electronic documents with their supply chain – covering bills of lading, certificates of origin, invoices, sales of goods contracts and more

CargoDocs DocEx enables importers to electronically receive and eSign original title eDocs


Benefits for Importers

  • Eliminate discharge LOIs
  • Reduce demurrage waiting for documents, especially in short-sea voyages
  • Eliminate risk of loss, damage or delay of original B/Ls
  • Significantly reduce fraud risks
  • Make amendments within minutes/hours, as no couriering of original paperwork
  • Improve transparency/compliance
  • Access original eDocs from any internet enabled device; no software or hardware required
  • Integrate data from eDocs to facilitate straight-through-processing

All Importer Solutions

Paperless Solutions

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables collaborative drafting, review & approval of paper or electronic documents with your supply chain

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables electronic signing and legal transfer of title (and supporting) documents

electronic Presentation of orginal eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection)

Transaction Matching Application enabling trade finance banks to provide BPO-related solutions to customers

Online application & 4-corner solution for BPO or combo of BPO plus eDocs; smart contract-enabled BPO+ manages eDoc auto-release and/or payment

TF Hub

Multi-bank solution for electronic communications covering LCs, Guarantees, Standbys plus credit line management

Financial Messaging

Any-bank messaging for all import or export trade finance instruments via SWIFT or proprietary channel

eDocs enabled

Original liner (house or ocean) eB/L or bulk charterers straight negotiable eB/L built on the world’s largest eB/L network

Original negotiable or non-negotiable Warehouse Warrants or Warehouse Receipts

Original receipts and supporting docs allowing for digitization of load and discharge doc sets

Shipping & Doc Instructions (SI & DI)

Electronic solution to submit SI to container line or forwarder, and DI to forwarder or agent

Electronic Insurance Certs (eIC)

Electronic application for an issuance of original, signed eIC


Integration/Single Signon

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to allow for straight-through processing of data, eliminating data re-entry and multiple signons

Online/Onsite Training

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution for more personalized training

Network Development

Add-on assistance to build out your customer network on CargoDocs DocEx


Add-on service to outsource your entire document drafting & preparation work to essDOCS

Data Matching/Smart Contracts

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to enable automation of key processes


Add-on module to DocHub and DocEx providing key trade KPIs

eExport Customs

Add-on to DocHub to enable straight-through processing of trade data into export customs systems such as AES & EMCS