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CargoDocs dTrack

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CargoDocs dTrack combines Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology to enable tracking of cargoes and paper trade documentation & secure distribution of the source data from these documents across the supply chain.

The solution functions as a crucial ‘bridge technology’, enabling CargoDocs source data to flow instantly and in advance of physical paper originals & cargoes through the supply chain – allowing for digitization of you trade document processes without dematerialization.


  • Co-developed with Swisscom Blockchain AG, the blockchain advisory and development arm of Swiss telecom company Swisscom, and Linxens, leading provider of component-based solutions for the security and identity markets
  • First implementation focuses on tracking/visibility of original paper title docs such as B/L  
  • IoT device used is a tamper-proof NFC chip, attached to paper output from CargoDocs
  • dTrack smartphone app scans/reads data & geo-tags across the supply chain
  • Data irrefutably stored on blockchain; blockchain-agnostic by design, with support for Hyperledger, Quorum, NEO and NEM, extending to additional frameworks in the future
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Document source data combined with real-time, secure physical tracking of paper title docs  

  • Interactions/information added to a document can be updated to take place on the physical paper doc via dTrack
  • Users access source data from the entire document set, with data instantly available in advance of the tracked paperwork
  • Tamper-proof chip/sticker device (dLoc NFC)
    • Wireless data transfer
    • Identification, recording, localization
    • Weather/pollution-proof
    • Chip hardware prevents fraudulent access to chip
    • Auto-invalidation of chip on 3 failed key input attempts
  • dTrack app synchronizes and updates information on the blockchain
  • QR code acts as a unique document identifier
  • Cryptographic keys are generated on the blockchain each time the state or content of the document changes, in real-time


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Digitally safeguard paper title docs & securely track across the supply chain, as source data flows seamlessly and in advance of tracked paperwork

  • Ability to securely receive and verify source data enables significant trade automation
  • All supporting documents can be mechanically signed and securely transferred through CargoDocs, even to non-users
  • Provides alternative to end-to-end paperless trade, when physical title documents are still required; i.e. enables digitization without dematerialization
  • Minimized fraud / forgery risks typically associated with paper 
  • Photolog of title document throughout its life and across the supply chain  
  • Eradicates need to re-type data or need to adopt OCR/AI solutions to extract data from paper
  • Increases visibility of paper originals across supply chain
  • When combined with a Bank Payment Obligation, offers 80-90% digitalization despite continued use of some paperwork

In Use

dTrack is currently being trialed with leading Exporters & Banks in Europe and APAC. The first iteration of the solution was formally launched in Q1 2019, as part of our CargoDocs 19.1 product release.

The dTrack mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


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