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DocHub Overview

CargoDocs DocHub is a web-based document hub solution designed specifically for global trade. The solution enables you to collaboratively create, review and approve paper or electronic documents with your supply chain – including bills of lading, certificates of origin, commercial invoices, sales of goods contracts & much more.

Key features include

Shipping Instructions, enables shipper to send instructions to a ship agent, bulk carrier, container line or forwarder
Title docs (for bulker or tanker shipments, forwarders or warehouses), enables users to draft bills of lading, warehouse warrants & more; standalone or from data from an ERP, WMS or LC
Collab drafting, enables users to share, edit and approve draft documents across the supply chain (this can be used with all docs, not just the B/L)
Shipper docs, enables shipper users to draft supporting documents such the commercial invoice, cargo manifest, certificate of origin; standalone or from data from the B/L and/or LC
Third Party certs, enables users to invite third parties to create their documents, such as independent inspectors adding Certificates of Analysis or for Chambers of Commerce to stamp eCOs
Time Savers, various functions that save time by allowing users to copy previous doc sets, set up default values, set up templates, eliminate repetitive re-entry tasks
Tracking, CargoDocs dTrack combines IoT & blockchain tech to enable tracking of cargoes and paper trade documents & secure distribution of document source data (originating from DocHub) across the supply chain

Example workflows

  •  Draft, approval & eSigning of sales of goods contracts
  •  Draft, approval of container B/L (original printed by line)
  •  Draft, approval & printing of set of docs for shipment of bulk cargo
  •  Draft, approval and eSigning of commercial invoice

Key Benefits 

  •  Elimination of errors as documents are created from a single data source
  •  Single process for creating and approving paper and/or electronic documents
  •  Single, centralized document repository for online storage & archiving 
  •  Online, centralized review and approval of documents, simplifying and accelerating the process
  •  Elimination of data reentry when integrated with ERP, WMS or equivalent systems
  •  Significant reduction in rejection of documents presented under a letter of credit
  •  Faster presentation of documents to buyer or bank for payments
  Assemble App DocHub Enterprise
Price Standard pay-monthly fee, or discounted annual fee Ask for a quote
Covers Online tool to create, review and approve paper or electronic documents with your supply chain Integrated, online tool to create, review and approve paper or electronic documents with your supply chain
Suitable For SME exporters
Ship agents
Freight Forwarders  
Large exporters
Shipping Instruction    
Online Collab Drafting    
Templates Standard only Standard or Custom
User Admin    
Support Email only Email & Phone
Multi-lingual solution     
Import L/C data   Requires Add-on
Tracking (dTrack)    
Two-way ERP Interface    
Single Sign-on    
Rollout support    
Project & Change management    
Add-on (for a fee) Train the Trainer
Additional templates
Financial messaging & credit info
Original eB/L and eDocs (DocEx)
Original eCO (essCert)
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