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providing performance and visibility KPIs on your shipments & documents.
Lite View
of inbox enabling you to see active shipments & documents in one place.
Template Selector
allowing you to choose from a list of all standard templates, recently used, or saved lists.
Data Entry
can be manual for any missing data, or data can be uploaded from ERP, CTRM, TMS via OpenAPI to create a full set of draft.
Send Draft Docs for Approval
to managers and other relevant teams such as finance. Assemble displays the status of the approval and any comments, plus a preview of the documents.
the process by adding signatures and stamps to the draft docs you generated, following all approvals and collection of third-party docs. All docs are stored in the Archive folder for 12 years.
Assemble Trial
2-week Free Trial as standard on Launch Version
Extended 1-Month Free Trial for customers Beta testing Assemble and/or future releases of our Apps
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$22.50 per document set
with a minimum fee of $225/month

*rates quoted are USD, with converted equvalents available in the following currencies: EUR/AUD/CAD/SGD

15% if paying annually upfront

Transportation Modes

Available now
Dry or Wet Bulk
Coming soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Features & Benefits

Automated Drafting
Import data via the CargoDocs Open API, from your ERP, WMS, TMS, Trade Finance tools and/or other system(s)
Internal Approvals
Share drafts for internal approval by Logistics or Finance Managers
3rd Party Approvals + Collections
Share pro forma or final drafts with external parties such as banks, buyer and/or collect third party documents from independent inspectors, forwarders
Template Library
Access our 50+ library of generic export documents (note: the beta release will be limited to 17). Click here for a current list of export documents covered
Contacts, Product & Reference Library
Auto-saves all contacts and goods descriptions, which can be managed by Users. Access our reference library of vessels, ports, currencies, etc
Sign + Stamp + Securely Distribute
Digitally sign, stamp and add watermarks to documents (draft, final, original, copy). Send finalized documents to your buyer or bank securely through the Exchange App
Auto-archiving of all documents for 12 years
Dashboard providing overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Massive time saving
Users experience up to 80% reduction in time to create a final / approved set of export documents; or up to 95% when integrated to your ERP and/or TMS
Encrypted + Immutable
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All actions are logged and key actions are stored immutably using digital ledger technology (DLT)
Features Coming Soon
  • Multi-modal – draft docs for any combination of transportation modes: air, truck, rail, sea-bulk, barge and container (initial release available for containerized cargoes only)
  • Send Doc Instructions to Ship Agents to draft the Bill of lading (for dry and wet bulk exports)
  • Send Shipping Instructions to Line or Forwarding Instruction to NVOCC
  • Template Generator to enable users to add their own, proprietary templates
  • Required Docs Advisory – toolset to identify the documents required for import or export based on a given tradelane under local laws and regulations (part of the Compliance App)
  • Multi-lingual capabilities – available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Russian, Arabic (initial release available as English-only)
  • FAQs
    What shipping modes does the solution cover?
    Assemble beta covers maritime container shipments (Liner) only, and will subsequently extend to allow use for any combination of transportation mode, i.e. maritime bulk, plus air, truck and rail
    What languages does the solution support?
    CargoDocs Express Apps, including the Assemble App, will first be made available in English only, with work underway to extend to Spanish, Mandarin, French, Russian and Arabic
    How can you draft docs?
    Drafting can be (i) from scratch via manual data entry, (ii) from previous historical shipments, via ‘active’ copying (with or without shipment data), (iii) via interface to your in-house ERP or other system, automatically populating relevant fields
    What can be connected to the essDOCS Open API?
    Any system, including ERP, core banking, trading, trade finance, shipping and container line systems/solutions
    Who can be involved in drafting docs?
    Anyone required, i.e. exporter, shipper, drafter/agent on behalf of shipper, forwarder or carrier etc.
    What standard templates are included out-of-the-box
    The initial Assemble Beta release comes with 17 standard templates, which will shortly be extended to over 50 templates. Templates currently covered include: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Forwarding Instructions, Shipper's Letter of Instructions, Pro-forma Invoice , Pro-forma Letter of Credit, Cargo Manifest, Certificate of Origin, Bank Draft, Document Presentation form, Stowage Plan, Notice of Completeness , Shippers Weight Certificate, Shipment Advice, Beneficiary Certificate, Verified Gross Mass (VGM), Packing Declaration
    What B/L templates can be added/used?
    The Assemble beta release focuses on supporting documents for Containerized exports, so doesn’t include any bill of lading or transport document type
    Do I need to re-type data?
    Not necessarily, data can flow from an interface or from shipment-level documents across all sets, or within a set across all documents within that set
    Who can I share draft documents with to review/approve?
    Our Collab feature allows you to securely share draft documents with any party via our web portal; docs can be shared with strict controls such that a party can only view or edit the documents specifically chosen by the drafter
    Can I sign/deliver documents in Assemble?
    You can add an image of a signature to non-title/non-negotiable documents and share them securely within Assemble; in addition you can push drafts into our legal, IG-Approved title document solution, Exchange (formerly DocEx), for electronic signing of title/negotiable documents
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    Effortless, compliant shipping documents