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CargoDocs ADP

CargoDocs Automated Document Processing (ADP) combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Supervised Machine Learning to capture and structure data retrieved from paper-based trade documentation.

The solution also has powerful engines that allow significant automation of: (i) document content correlation validation; (ii) document checking; (iii) compliance and trade based money-laundering checking – for both paper and electronic documents.

As such, CargoDocs ADP enables banks to increase efficiency and reduce operational & reputational risks when processing trade documents.

Specifically designed by Trade Finance experts, CargoDocs ADP offers another key step to paperless trade.

Key Features

  • Manage required compliance checks and data validation through a single solution, irrespective whether data originates from paper or electronic documents
  • Auto-Classify received documents at unprecedented speed 
  • Automatically extract data from documents with user supervised and machine based learning 
  • Generate reports for cross-document mismatch & document v LC transactions and Rules
  • Receive data and reports back via automated processes to enable automation of compliance checks
  • Validate consistency of data between documents with supervised (machine) learning of document-matching rules to create pre-match report
  • Validate data against LC terms with supervised (machine) learning of doc-matching rules
  • Automate trade-based money laundering checks (AML), sanctions checks and more (e.g. Utilising Business Intelligence (BI) to spot transaction deviations)
  • Gradually automate doc-checking using supervised Rule Engine to compare data with business logics, internal policies/procedures, UCP600, interpreting LC terms, etc. 


ADP Workflow


  • Streamlines / automates required checks for key trade processes such as (e)Presentations
  • Ability to use with all your customers, even those that are not CargoDocs users yet
  • Option to commence checks in advance of arrival of paper originals (e.g. pre-checking of documents)
  • Significant resource saving in processes involving data reentry, compliance and checking
  • Ability to significantly automate paper-heavy processes
  • Stepping stone to a fully-digitized trade finance solution, future-proofing your business by combining readily available tools with intelligent automation technology (Natural Language Processing / AI etc.)


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