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essDOCS Bank Solutions

essDOCS enables banks to extend their corporate customers’ use of paperless trade for any financed transaction type. 

CargoDocs DocEx functions as a multi-bank platform, through which our Bank customers can use our ePresentation and BPO+ solutions. CargoDocs Match (Cmatch) is a Transaction Matching Application, enabling Banks to provide BPO-related solutions to their customers.

CargoDocs DocHub can be combined with artificial intelligence via our Automated Document Processing (ADP) solution, automating the digitalization of presented paper documents using OCR and machine learning.

Our Bank solutions are used by 47 Global Banks, primarily in metals, agri, energy and chemicals trades ex-Americas, APAC and Europe.


Benefits for Banks

  • Streamline and automate document preparation processes via a centralized, collaborative platform
  • Provide your customers with the entire gamut of your trade finance products using eDocs
  • Optimise credit line utilization, improving cost/income ratio per customer
  • Eliminate risk of lost or fraudulent documents
  • Reduce risk when extending finance through greater control and visibility 
  • Save time and reduce operational risk associated with handling paper documents
  • Reduce DSO for your customers
  • Improve compliance, reducing reputational risk
  • Automate manual tasks such as running compliance checks
  • Future-proof your trade finance business  

All Bank Solutions

Digital Preparation

Digital Roadmap

ROI based roadmap prioritizing your digitization efforts quarter by quarter

Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA)

Annual review to determine the progress of your trade digitization efforts

Paperless Solutions

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables collaborative drafting, review & approval of paper or electronic documents with your supply chain

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables electronic signing and legal transfer of title (and supporting) documents

Secure cloud-based solution for capturing and structuring data retrieved from paper trade documentation

electronic Presentation of orginal eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection)

Transaction Matching Application enabling trade finance banks to provide BPO-related solutions to customers

Online application & 4-corner solution for BPO or combo of BPO plus eDocs; smart contract-enabled BPO+ manages eDoc auto-release and/or payment

TF Hub

Multi-bank solution for electronic communications covering LCs, Guarantees, Standbys plus credit line management

Financial Messaging

Any-bank messaging for all import or export trade finance instruments via SWIFT or proprietary channel

eDocs enabled

Original liner (house or ocean) eB/L or bulk charterers straight negotiable eB/L built on the world’s largest eB/L network

Original negotiable or non-negotiable Warehouse Warrants or Warehouse Receipts

Electronic Insurance Certs (eIC)

Electronic application for an issuance of original, signed eIC


Online/Onsite Training

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution for more personalized training

Network Development

Add-on assistance to build out your customer network on CargoDocs DocEx


Add-on service to outsource your entire document drafting & preparation work to essDOCS

Compliance Enablement

Add-on service providing per transaction compliance reporting for KYC, AML, sanction checks and more

Data Matching/Smart Contracts

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to enable automation of key processes


Add-on module to DocHub and DocEx providing key trade KPIs

Integration/Single Signon

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to allow for straight-through processing of data, eliminating data re-entry and multiple signons