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Create perfect shipping documents
by using your current templates or customizing our standard templates
Gain full control & visibility
Collate all shipping documents (across teams & supply chain partners) into one secure digital file store, and make docs and communications available securely to all teams who need it – at any office or home
Remove all data re-entry, forever
Data automatically flows through and across documents, meaning it only needs to be entered once. Additional time can be saved by setting defaults of key fields, saving your contacts and products lists, uploading product and container information for a shipment (via Excel) or interfacing with your ERP, Accounting Software, CTRM & TMS
Instantly and securely collaborate with any team or party
Send drafts internally to your managers and other relevant teams such as Finance. Invite your counter-parties and logistics service providers to our free-for-life Portal, and share drafts for their review and approval, or collect additional supporting docs. Discuss drafts with all parties via our embedded messaging tool
Out-of-the-box Integrations
Easily connect your existing contacts from Microsoft 365 or Gmail; connect with accounting systems such as Xero or Sage to generate invoices or feed through data; connect with your Salesforce CRM + more
(coming soon)
Real-time KPIs
Our real-time dashboard provides visualized performance and visibility KPIs on your shipments & processes
(coming soon)

Assemble Express Trial

2-Week Free Trial of our Assemble Express (Beta) solution – ideal for SME Exporters, Traders, Ship Agents and Freight Forwarders.

No credit card required, no training or installation needed.

What’s more, your 2-Week Free Trial period will not start counting until we have added any custom / in-house document templates you may require!
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Assemble Enterprise

Assemble Enterprise (formerly 'DocHub') is ideal for larger global exporters – who typically require deeper customization & integration options, dedicated implementation / setup assistance, and solution access for a wider user-base.

Assemble Enterprise is currently used by leading MNCs in the metals & minerals, energy, and agri segments, plus trade finance banks.
Contact Sales

To learn about our Enterprise trial options or to receive a price quote based on your requirement.  

Features & Benefits

Massive time saving
Users experience up to 80% reduction in time to create a final / approved set of export documents; or up to 95% when integrated to your ERP and/or TMS
One source for error-free docs
Generate trade & export docs from a single source with data automatically flowing through documents, eliminating data re-entry and errors
Sign + Stamp + Securely Distribute
Digitally sign, stamp and add watermarks to documents (draft, final, original, copy). Send finalized documents to your buyer or bank securely through the Exchange App
Access your Dashboard providing an overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – coming soon
Free Custom Templates
Ask our Team to add your proprietary in-house forms/templates to replicate your current ones, or request customization of industry-standard templates – free of charge. You can also draft using our library of standard export documents, or a combination of standard and custom docs
Contacts, Products & Reference Library
Auto-saves all contacts and goods descriptions, which can be managed by Users. Access our reference library of vessels, ports, currencies, etc
Auto-archiving of all documents for 12 years
Automated Drafting
Import data via our Open API, from your ERP, WMS, TMS, Trade Finance tools and/or other system(s)
Internal Approvals
Share document drafts for internal approval by Logistics or Finance Managers
3rd Party Approvals + Collections
Share pro forma or final drafts with external parties such as banks, buyer and/or collect third party documents from independent inspectors, forwarders
Integrated electronic Certificates of Origin
Digitally apply for & receive signed/stamped electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) from essCert-enabled Chambers of Commerce (note: currently available for COs issued out of USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Israel & Seychelles)
Streamline Post-trade
Streamline post-trade processes from quotes, invoices, trade compliance and export documentation
Encrypted + Secure
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All actions are logged and key actions are stored & safeguarded using stringent security configurations

Features Coming Soon

  • Use Assemble Express to digitally apply for & receive signed/stamped electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) from all essCert-enabled Chambers of Commerce across 20 countries (note: currently limited to USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Israel & Seychelles)
  • Use Assemble Express to send Doc Instructions to Ship Agents to draft the Bill of Lading (for tramp exports)
  • Use the Assemble Express Dashboard to access performance and visibility KPIs on your shipments & documents
  • Transportation Modes

    Available Now
    Tanker, Bulker, Breakbulk
    Coming Soon
    (currently available for
    Assemble Enterprise only)
    Available Now
    Available Now

    Document Templates

    The Assemble Express (Beta) release comes with a library of 30 standard templates + 5 templates coming soon, and will shortly be extended to over 50.

    Our Team can also add any of your proprietary in-house forms/templates, or you can request customization of industry-standard templates – free of charge.

    Templates currently included out-of-the-box are listed below:
    • Sales Agreement
    • Sale of Goods Contract – coming soon
    • Sales Order
    • Purchase Order
    • Forwarding Instructions – coming soon
    • Dangerous Goods Declaration
    • Beneficiary Certificate
    • Shipper's Weight Certificate
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Cargo Manifest
    • Quotation – coming soon
    • Proforma Invoice (Container)
    • Proforma Invoice (Air)
    • Proforma Invoice (Road)
    • Commercial Invoice (Container)
    • Commercial Invoice (Air)
    • Commercial Invoice (Road)
    • Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Declaration
    • Packing List (Container)
    • Packing List (Air)
    • Packing List (Road)
    • Pallet Packing List
    • Packing Declaration – coming soon
    • Shipment Advice
    • Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI)
    • Bill of Lading
    • CMR
    • Airwaybill – coming soon
    • Delivery Note
    • Bank Draft
    • Draft / Bill of Exchange
    • Proforma Letter of Credit
    • Document Presentation Form
    • Notice of Completeness
    • Phytosanitary Certificate

    Assemble Express Pricing

    $63 per user/month
    pay annually, with a minimum of 2 users

    $75 per user/month
    pay monthly, with a minimum of 2 users

    *rates quoted are USD, with converted equvalents available in the following currencies: EUR/AUD/CAD/SGD


    Can I add my existing in-house template formats?
    Yes, proprietary documents can be added to Assemble Express (Beta) by our Team – free of charge! You can request doc templates directly via the App or by emailing
    How long does it take for my custom templates to be added to Assemble?
    Our Team typically requires min 2hrs - max 2 days to add new templates, depending on our request backlog and complexity of requested templates. If you wish to add custom templates during your Assemble Express (Beta) trial, your 2-week free trial period will not start counting until your templates have been added by us!
    What standard templates are included out-of-the-box
    The Assemble Express (Beta) release comes with 30 standard templates, which will shortly be extended to over 50 templates. Scroll up for a list of export documents currently included out-of-the-box
    What shipping modes does the solution cover?
    Assemble Express (Beta) currently covers supporting documents for Maritime Container, Air and Road. Bulker, Breakbulk and Tanker documents – including bills of lading – are currently available for Assemble Enterprise only, and will be added to Assemble Express in 2H 2023
    What languages does the solution support?
    Assemble is currently available in English only, with work underway to extend to Spanish, Mandarin, French, Russian and Arabic
    How can you draft docs?
    Drafting can be (i) from scratch via manual data entry, (ii) from previous historical shipments, via ‘active’ copying (with or without shipment data), (iii) via interface to your in-house ERP or other system, automatically populating relevant fields
    What can be connected to our Open API?
    Any system, including ERP, WMS, core banking, trading, trade finance, shipping and container line systems/solutions
    Who can be involved in drafting docs?
    Anyone required, i.e. exporter, shipper, drafter/agent on behalf of shipper, forwarder or carrier etc.
    Do I need to re-type data?
    Not necessarily, data can flow from an interface or from shipment-level documents across all sets, or within a set across all documents within that set
    How can I improve internal processes?
    Assemble enables you to share document drafts with your Logistics or Finance Managers for internal approval, displaying the status of the approval and any comments, plus a preview of the documents
    How can I digitize collection and collaboration with supply chain parties & service providers?
    Use Assemble to invite counter-parties and logistics service providers to our free-for-life Portal, and share drafts for their review and approval, or collect additional supporting docs
    Who can I share draft documents with to review/approve?
    Our free-for-life Portal allows you to securely share draft documents for review/approval with any relevant third party, including banks and buyers. Docs can be shared with strict controls such that a party can only view or edit the documents specifically chosen by the drafter
    Can I sign/deliver documents in Assemble?
    You can add an image of a signature to non-title/non-negotiable documents and share them securely within Assemble; in addition you can push drafts into our legal, IG-Approved title document solution, Exchange Title Docs (formerly DocEx), for electronic signing of title/negotiable documents
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    Effortless, compliant shipping documents accelerated