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essDOCS opens Japan Office

Akira Sato
Alexander Goulandris
essDOCS Japan
Paperless Trade
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Tokyo location to provide local hub for further expansion of company’s CargoDocs customer network

Valletta, Malta, 06 June 2016: essDOCS, the leading enabler of paperless trade, announced today the opening of its Japan office in Tokyo.

The news comes during a period of continued expansion for the Malta-headquartered company, whose flagship CargoDocs offering – a web-based, procure-to-pay solution that digitizes trade and trade finance – has experienced over 60% corporate user growth year-over-year, driven by a rapidly expanding global customer network of leading exporters, importers, banks, and carriers particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

essDOCS CEO, Alexander Goulandris, notes that the company’s presence in Japan is of the utmost strategic significance for the company, aimed at distinctly boosting CargoDocs uptake in Japanese import and export trades. He adds that opening in Tokyo is the logical next step for essDOCS, providing a local presence where a large portion of the world’s leading steel, automotive and electronics manufacturers are based, in addition to major container lines and banks.

The Tokyo office will be led by essDOCS’ newly-appointed VP Japan, Akira Sato, who will be supported by Senior Consultant, Naoko Takahashi.

essDOCS VP Japan, Akira Sato, possesses over 35 years’ experience in the non-ferrous metals industry both in Japan and overseas, garnering seasoned expertise in physical commodities marketing, trading as well as LME hedging. Over the past 7 years, he was responsible for marketing Copper, Lead and Zinc concentrates at BHP Billiton, where he was tasked with supporting the company’s strategic objectives during numerous commodity price cycles. With his vast knowledge of commodity trading and marketing, Akira Sato will provide expert support and advice in developing new business opportunities for essDOCS in Japan, in addition to leading efforts to improve local understanding of the far-reaching benefits of paperless trade.

The newly-established Japan location becomes essDOCS’ ninth global office and its fourth location in Asia Pacific along with Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai.

Contact details for the Japan Office are as follows:

essDOCS Japan
8th Floor, Shin Kokusai Building
3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Tel: +81 3 6689 4205

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Notes to Editors:

About essDOCS

essDOCS is the world's leading enabler of paperless trade, providing customer-led solutions that automate and accelerate trade operations & finance. essDOCS’ flagship solution – CargoDocs – delivers significant value to the entire supply chain: enabling users to streamline processes, reduce working capital needs and risk, while improving collaboration, compliance and visibility across organisations. Over 3,700 companies, ranging from 12% of the Fortune Global 500 to innovative SMEs, use essDOCS solutions across 73 countries in the energy, agriculture, chemicals and metals & minerals markets.



essDOCS 日本事務所開設



essDOCS(本社・マルタ)の  拠点拡充の一環として、日本事務所開設を発表いたします。 主力であるCargoDocsは特にアジア太平洋地域を牽引する輸出者、輸入者、銀行、船会社において年間60%以上の企業ユーザーの急速なネットワーク拡充を見せ、ウェブ上での貿易のデジタル化やトレードファイナンスの支払い遂行ソリューションとして提供されています。

essDOCS CEOのアレクサンダー・ゴウランドリスは、日本事務所の設立は当社にとって大きな戦略的意義があり、日本の輸出入のCargoDocs利用促進に焦点を当てていくと述べました。また、世界をリードし大きなシェアを持つ鉄鋼業界、自動車業界、電子部品製造業界、また主要な船会社や銀行に対し国内拠点を持つことで、次の一歩へとつながるとも付け加えています。

日本事務所は新任の佐藤朗(ヴァイス プレジデント)、髙橋直子(シニア コンサルタント)により運営されます。

essDOCSヴァイス プレジデントの佐藤朗は、35年以上の日本国内外での非鉄業界経験を持ち、商品の現物取引のマーケティングおよびトレーディング、LMEヘッジングにおいて経験豊かで専門知識に富んでいます。直近の7年間はBHPビリトンのマーケティングに於いて銅、鉛、亜鉛を担当し、様々な商品価格サイクルの中で会社の戦略目的をサポートする任務を負っていました。幅広い商品取引とマーケティングの知識を以て、essDOCS日本の新しいビジネスの機会を広げ、ペーパレス貿易の広範囲な利益の日本国内での理解を深めること尽力してまいります。


essDOCS Japan(エスドックス ジャパン)

電話 03-6689-4205 





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