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essDOCS’ vision is for all domestic and international trade to be executed in a digital and automated manner

Despite the apparent lack of progress with paperless trade, the seeds for a digital trade environment have been sewn. There is likely no part of trade that cannot be digitized today – although many solutions are provided by relatively young startups, many of have yet to reach critical mass.

CargoDocs is a secure, cloud-based platform that ties many disparate offerings into a modular, complete paperless trade solution. At essDOCS, we work with a range of innovative technology partners and forward-thinking customers, who insist on moving beyond the paper status quo. 

Since our establishment in 2005, essDOCS has delivered customer-led paperless trade solutions. These solutions initially focused on digitizing the key documents, such as electronic bills of lading (2010), barge receipts (2013), warehouse warrants (2015), etc. On the back of these digital documents, essDOCS delivered a set of solutions that automate trade such as our bank payment obligation plus (BPO+) solution which combines BPO, eDocs and smart contracts to automate the release of eDocs, or our ongoing auto-pay project, which automates cross-border payments.  

Increasingly, we use transition technologies to allow parties to digitize entire aspects of their supply chain process, such as DocHub, which digitizes the entire document creation & review process, and our Automated Document Processing (ADP) solution, which combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with Supervised Machine Learning to automate and digitize paper-based trade documents presented to a bank.

We anticipate that digital trade will reduce the cost of trade and finance and lead to more financial inclusion, and in turn yet more trade.  

We aim to be the pioneers of paperless trade. If you are fed up with trade-as-usual, join us on the journey to revolutionizing the industry together.

Alexander Goulandris