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A Proven Path to Paperless Trade

CargoDocs enables you to break down paperless trade/digitization into manageable phases. 

By combining the functionalities of our DocHub and DocEx solutions, the entire process can be broken down into various sub-parts such as: (i) digitizing the creation of docs (whether paper and/or electronic); (ii) digitizing the approval of draft documents; (iii) digitizing presentation of docs to banks; (iv) digitizing the transmission of eDocs through the end-to-end supply chain, and more.

An example of how this can be sub-divided is outlined in the graph below, with each phase moving a company closer to the nirvana of 100% paperless trade.

Each step is both manageable and provides a fast, proven return on investment.

Move to Paperless at your own pace

path to paperless

Note: It is not necessary to undertake each phase in the order outlined nor as sequential steps.

Get started

For exporters or traders who do not know where to start on their digitization journey, adopting CargoDocs DocHub is a logical first step. It provides a quick ROI, and sets you up to move quickly down the path to paperless trade whenever you are ready. 

Contact us to discover how you can get started on your journey to paperless today.