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Rio Tinto & Hydro execute first ever paperless alumina shipment

Rio Tinto
Paperless Trade
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essDOCS customers Rio Tinto and Hydro recently executed the first ever paperless trade in the alumina commodity segment.

The transaction marks the first ever use of our CargoDocs solution – or any paperless trade solution – for executing an alumina shipment, in addition to marking the first ever use of the solution by the Rio Tinto and Hydro entities involved, and shipowner IVS Bulk.  

Specifically, the transaction involved a cargo of bulk alumina transported from Australia to China, with Rio Tinto Aluminium Limited acting as the Supplier and Hydro Aluminium International S.A and Hydro Aluminium (Beijing) Ltd as Cargo Receivers.

The original electronic Bill of Lading (eB/L) plus supporting documents were all handled via CargoDocs, with all key actions such as drafting, collaborative review, sign, issue, transfer and surrender carried out via the platform.

Furthermore, and as a result of the high level of engagement from all parties involved, all preparation steps were concluded in just two weeks, marking one of the fastest end to end go-lives for a shipment in a new trade lane / commodity segment where most parties were not previously part of the CargoDocs eDoc Exchange (DocEx) network. 

Thus far, our DocEx network is the largest of its kind ever assembled in the maritime shipping & trade sector – spanning 6,300+ companies using CargoDocs for tanker, bulker, container and barge movements across 77 countries. 


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